Ahmedabad Airport (AMD) - Terminals

Ahmedabad Airport has 2 Terminals: Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). It is a small airport comparing to other biggers like Mumbai Airport, but it also has Terminal Services such as restaurants and dutty free shops. The Terminal 1 is the oldest and operates more with domestic destinations; Terminal 2 is the newest and it operates with both domestic and international flights.

At both Terminals od Ahmedabad Airport you can find services such as:

- Luggage services
- Bank and currency exchange desk (arrival area of Terminal 2)
- ATM’s (departure area of Terminal 1)
- Internet connectivity
- Restrooms
- Childcare rooms
- Shops
- Dutty free
- Restaurants
- Cafeteria
- Airport lounges: Ahmedabad International Airport has 2 lounges: BICA lounge and Port Lounges. BICA lounge is located at the Terminal 1. Port lounge is located in the departure areas of Terminal 2.